Shanghai Meton Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Meton Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD., established in 2015 and basing in Shanghai, China, is dedicated to innovative (first-in-class) drug discovery. Benifiting from the long-time research experience of our scientists in cancer metabolism, Meton’s current R&D strategy is to target tumor-related metabolic enzymes for potential therapeutic solutions. We have built up a comprehensive discovery platform and our team with professional expertise is keeping all projects advancing in fast track. So far, all two projects are on the way from lead* optimizationto PCC. Besides venture capital, our work is also sponsored by “National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for ’Significant New Drugs Development’ "** from Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Innovative, original R&D in compliance with law and regulation are believed to embody our values and fulfill our visions.

*Patent No.: PCT/CN2016/090022,PCT/CN2016/107098

**Grant No.: 2018ZX09711002-004-005